The first delegation of Christian Evangelicals from 10 nations worldwide landed in Israel this weekend, and millions of dollars from Christians aids Israel’s war efforts

  • By Itzhak Rabihiya
  • 12 07
  • 2023

Hundreds of thousands of Evangelical Christians from communities around the world have supported Israel in their war efforts since the beginning of the war on October 7, 2023. 


Since October 7, Christians have given more than 10 million dollars (around 37 million shekels) to an Emergency Crisis Response fund for war-related needs in Israel. Donations have funded dozens of war relief projects through FIRM (Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries) and local partners. 


Collaborative projects have provided 2,200 ceramic bullet-proof vests and 1,700 helmets for reserve units, tactical gear, and supplies for first responders. A large-scale feeding initiative has distributed 15,000 grocery boxes through 10 hubs nationwide, feeding 50,000 displaced people and providing 60,000 hot kosher meals to soldiers and families. 


FIRM is working with hotels throughout Israel to house and care for displaced families,hosting some 1,500 people, including over 400 children, in seven locations. Projects through FIRM and its network of 74 local partners have empowered local volunteers to serve the frontline needs of their community.  


This past weekend, the first large delegation of Christians, including 75 Evangelicals from 10 nations around the world landed in Israel, aiming to support communities near the borders in the war effort. They’ve come to learn about the basic needs and serve affected families and communities, especially in the Gaza envelope and the north. 


Members of the FIRM delegation, with participants from age 13 up to 93, will travel throughout Israel during the week to help support civil communities in various service projects. They will meet with heads of communities, local government officials, and families affected by the war.  


During the week, the group will plant hundreds of trees in an October 7 memorial garden in Kela Alon, and pack family-size grocery boxes to feed hundreds of families throughout Israel. They will do light renovations in several kibbutzim, and host a recreational day for 400 children of displaced families from the northern communities, currently hosted in Afik and Midreshet HaGolan.  


The delegation, along with 500 local Israeli volunteers, will participate in a “National Serve Day” in Dorot and Ein HaBsor, spearheaded by FIRM and local partners. The group will harvest and plant agricultural crops such as flowers and sweet potatoes, and do cleaning and light repairs in homes and schools with non-structural damage in preparation for displaced families to return home. 


“We believe that when someone you love is hurting, you show up for them.” says Michael Mistretta, FIRM CEO and delegation leader. “We’re witnessing this wave of Christians who are coming to Israel, even in a time of war, not just to tour, but to serve the people of Israel, to show up in person and say, ‘Israel, we’re with you. We want to stand with you in your time of need.’” 


FIRM, a non-profit organization based in Jerusalem, serves a network of over 74 Messianic Jewish and Arab Christian ministries in Israel that share a passion for reaching people with the love of God. FIRM works to inspire, educate, and connect Christians worldwide to Israel while helping to strengthen and resource local Israeli ministries. 




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