Israel and US Presidential Election 2020

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Israel and US Presidential Election 2020


By Miriam Abramov / SNN, Space Network News 




While Israel prides herself on being independent we currently wait on kotseem (thorns) waiting to see how the US presidential election unfolds. As independent as we are in Israel the reality is a codependency on the USA. It is important for Israel to be friendly, year after year month after month and day after day. Israel is recognized by the USA as being the democratic state of the region. American interests are to be lined up with Israel interests if the two sides are to be happy. This is actually about the entire region however if we are talking of whose interests are to be met. The entire Middle East comes into the picture when talking of Israel. The entire Middle East largely brings into the bigger picture the USA as well. These two countries Israel and the USA together make a great world force, together and or alone globally. 


We often hear of Judeo Christian as a phrase which goes together. The Christian faith came out of the Jewish faith. The very hope for Israel is in fact an Israeli born Messiah, Jesus the Christ or Yeshua. President Trump has done many good things for Israel since taking office in 2016.Israel had waited years for action to be taken on Jerusalem to be recognized as Israel’s capitol, only Trump made that happen. The Golan Heights too were recognized as Israel as well, Trump made that happen. The recent UAE deal with Israel has added another component to the peace and region. 


With Vice President Biden to perhaps be officially certified as the next president of the United States he has promised to undo what Trump has done concerning Iran. The election in the USA has sparked major concerns going forward now. The 2015 Iran nuclear agreement and the settlements are the biggest issues facing the future new relationship for Israel and the USA. The Obama years brought what was referred to as “daylight” which means no daylight in Israel and Obama’s years with the USA together. There were many underlying ripples causing friction and unease. Most of this was due to the friendly nuclear deal option with Iran and former president Obama, which Israel will not stand for. Obama felt when Israel was not on board it alienated the Arab community. 


The New UAE Israel deal however brings new hope for the region and Arab states want very much to align with Israel now. Joe Biden if confirmed would do well to set his sights on good Israel relations as all nations who will bless Israel God promises to bless them. If on the other hand Israel is left to not have USA backing and or support concerning Iran and settlement issues, we may see complications. Israel always does has done well with the USA backing her up on various regional and international issue, known as gibui in Hebrew. 


Biden claimed recently on his call with Bibi Netanyahu he wanted to commit to security and also the 2015 nuclear deal for Iran again. That simply is an oxymoron as far as Israel is concerned. Israel slowly has been becoming less democratic in political spheres. It is precisely this fact which is making this new wave happen. In Israel we have a popular saying “Is it good for the Jews?” So I would ask you, is it? Is Biden good for the Jews? We do know that president Trump has indeed been good for the Jews. Israel is now in this election reconsidering her options anew as the reality of the region once again begins to heat up as lava seething under a live volcano. Israel has been as one frozen in a time warp as dormant when other administrations have done little or nothing to benefit the Jewish people. 


Time would tell, and Israel will be on high alert as the world is waiting and watching for the next US president to be officially certified and the recounting including legal roadblocks in place now will hopefully be soon behind us. Israel yearns for peace in the region. It is no wonder the bible calls the one who can truly bring that peace prince of peace, Sar shalom, found in Isaiah 9:6. Shalom from Israel.




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