Israel and South Korea Sign Coronavirus Vaccines Exchange Agreement

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  • 07 06
  • 2021


BY ITZHAK RABIHIYA / SNN, Space Network News

The State of Israel and the Republic of (South) Korea, early this morning (Tuesday, 6 July 2021), signed a mutual vaccine supply agreement which will facilitate the effective utilization of the present and future vaccine inventories of both countries. 


According to the agreement, Israel will immediately transfer approximately 700,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine to South Korea for the vaccination of its citizens by the end of July. 


In exchange, South Korea will return the same quantity of vaccines to Israel from a future order in September-October 2021. This is the first agreement of its kind for the exchange of coronavirus vaccines that has been signed between Israel and another country. The State of Israel welcomes the agreement and sees mutual advantages in it for both Israel and South Korea. 


It should be noted that the agreement will take effect upon the completion of all processes, including testing the vaccines after their arrival in South Korea. 


The agreement was led by the Health Ministry in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry, the National Security Council (NSC) and the Prime Minister's Office, with the knowledge of Pfizer. 


Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has spoken with Pfizer Chairman and CEO Albert Bourla several times recently in order to facilitate the deal and in regard to the formation of future vaccines policy. 


Prime Minister Naftali-Bennett


Prime Minister Bennett told SNN: "We are continuing to protect the health of the citizens of Israel. The vaccines are effective and save lives. This is a fact. We have made a win-win deal: South Korea will receive vaccines from our existing stocks and we will receive vaccines from their future shipment. Thus we are plugging the holes and we will ensure that the State of Israel has a proper stock of vaccines. I would like to thank Pfizer Chairman and CEO Albert Bourla, a warm Jew who loves the State of Israel, for the great assistance, and the Health Minister and the people at the Health Ministry, the Foreign Ministry and the NSC, who worked around the clock. Together, we will defeat the coronavirus."



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